About Us

“The quality of your life ultimately is shaped
by the quality of your choices and decisions”
– Robin Sharma

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Nirnayam literally means decision. Learning to make decisions is an important life skill. The choices that we make determine our life. When we understand the choices available to us, making a decision becomes easier to us.  Understanding helps in clarity and this helps to elicit intelligent and responsible behaviour.

As a first step, we at Nirnayam aim to bring clarity by motivating and helping the girl students in their academics, whereby learning becomes easier. When learning happens, self-confidence increases, leading them to explore their potentials. This self-confidence helps them to be aware of the choices available to them. An awareness of choice, by itself, is the first step towards growth. We help them to create a future by bringing on this awareness.

The right decision enhances the quality of life. Just as you have the responsibility and the power to make choices about your wardrobe, what you eat or whether to add an extra spoon of sugar in your coffee, you have the same responsibility and power to choose your attitude and approach to life.

Nirnayam aims to hone the physical, emotional and psychological health (holistic growth) of the less privileged girl students and help them to take responsibility towards themselves. Only when one assumes this responsibility; they become a responsible individual towards their parents, teachers and society as a whole.

Our choices will shape our actions and our actions will determine our results.

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Nirnayam volunteers not only help the girl students in their academics but also concentrate to increase their life readiness skills. We identify and build upon their strengths to improve their self-esteem and leadership skills. The volunteers share diverse perspectives that lead to enhanced learning outcomes for students. Through these efforts, they not only contribute towards the betterment of underprivileged children, but also undergo a transformational journey for themselves!

We provide a supportive environment to the girls by engaging the parents in our mission and thereby nurturing the students’ participation and retention.