We at Nirnayam hope to bring the girls nascent capabilities to the forefront by running various programs, emphasising on life skills-based education to prepare them for the demands and challenges of everyday life.

English For Girls

EFG – English For Girls

This was started to train the students in speaking and writing English. The students feel motivated to study and perform better when they can understand the language and become more fluent in the medium on which their curriculum is based.

UBU –You Be Yourself

Here the students are trained on arts, crafts, dramatics etc., This program covers an array of topics and activities covering the skills needed for them to be competent enough to face the world once they are done with schooling. This skill based learning and training is headed by people who are passionate in their chosen field.

UBU helps us to identify the girls’ latent skills and give them the right platform to showcase their talents. It also enables us to facilitate their path towards their future.

You Be Yourself
Integral Education

IE – Integral Education

A program called IE -Integral Education – Here, we are assisted by Arul Dev, an integral educator, to implement integral methodologies for the holistic growth of the girls. This program through workshops attempts to achieve positive student outcomes.


Reading at leisure improves language skills and vocabulary. We have recently opened a small library, much to the delight of the students. This is treated like a regular lending library, where they can borrow books to take home.

Nirnayam Library
Enhancement Classes

E-Classes – Enhancement Classes

Nirnayam concentrates on motivating all students to be on par with each other. We concentrate on under performers by enhancing their learning by classes called E-classes and encouraging the well-performing students with the help of workshops and training. This will eventually make them ready for all challenges.

Shisya – (Mentor Mentee Program)

This is a mentorship program where the mentors guide their mentees throughout their school journey by supporting them in the challenges of their everyday life. The mentors help their mentees realise their potential by building their self-confidence and stepping up their emergent skillsets.
This program not only helps the mentees but galvanizes the mentors’ leadership skills and their social sensitivity.


MESH – Mental Emotional Social Health

Mesh means “harmonize” or “work well together”. Similarly, as the name indicates we weave the emotional, social and psychological needs into a program for the mental well being of the child. When children struggle with social or emotional issues, it creates an impact on their academic work and mental health. This program creates awareness and educates the students on mental, emotional and social aspects of behaviour.

This is a life skills program aiming to teach children how to develop the emotional wellness, innovation, resiliency and adaptability they need to achieve success in today’s fast-paced world. We hold talks and workshops on civic sense and social ethics so as to bring awareness in these areas. MESH enables the students understand and accept their responsibilities.