You are the enabler when you give your time to them

Volunteering create better environments and healthier communities. They give people the tools and skill sets they will need to create a sustainable future.

Some of the People who are making a tangible change in someone’s life

I majored in Psychology and thenceforth I've been longing to work with children. I am into manufacturing of biological slides and also working as a center manager at Global Art. But my dream came true decades later when I decided to volunteer for Nirnayam. At Nirnayam, our main objective is to make academics easy and also hoping to empower them to make smart choices that will enable them to grow as responsible adults. I'm truly grateful for this opportunity and is quite fulfilling at the end of the day. Proud to be a Nirnayite.
I heard of Nirnayam as a group of spirited volunteers, who are working with a local school to assist kids in wholesome development. What drew me to this group was the direct connect with the first generation school goers, who show absolute joy in learning despite hardships in their life. Their street smartness and ability to look at problems from a totally different perspective enriches me too!
I'm currently pursuing my Bachelors in education and also doing my intern simultaneously in a government-aided school. Since teaching is my passion and profession, I thought of rendering my services to Nirnayam in helping the underprivileged with their studies. I'm glad for having taken that decision as it gives me great satisfaction.
Hi! This is Kailash, basically, I am a dentist. Though I was content as a doctor, I badly wanted to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a civil servant. So I quit practicing dentistry last year and began preparing for the civil services examination. Having the mammoth task before me, I know I have to build a positive mindset throughout the journey to crack it. So I wished to spend my leisure time on activities which would cheer me up and motivated me back in this tedious preparation. Since my college days, I had a keen interest in taking seminars and helping out my juniors with their studies.  Then I thought why shouldn't I help kids nearby especially those who are deprived of education with their daily lessons. On this regard, I found NIRNAYAM, an NGO which provided me a platform to volunteer as a tutor for girls from low socio-economic status after their school hours. On engaging with them, I found that the NIRNAYites are working at the very grass root level to empower the girls multi dimensionally, in an organised manner which is something special to quote about them. Ambedkar said 'I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress their women have achieved'. Said so, it makes me really proud to volunteer with NIRNAYAM, where I feel that I am contributing something towards the future well-being of the society.
Hi, I'm Komala. I have worked as a banker and a small time business woman. Just when I was looking to do some social work, this golden opportunity came my way. I’m really grateful as teaching is my passion too. As a Nirnayite, I feel I am contributing something to the society especially the girl children.
Nirnayam is about the everyday faces I see. Watching these girls grow with the promise of a bright future is why I love being a part of this collective. I've been a teacher over the years and briefly volunteered with the Madras Dyslexia Association and now look forward to playing my role as a teacher in shaping futures as a Nirnayite.
Nirnayam , to me is like my second home. Although I don't have a teaching background, I seized the opportunity to teach as soon as I was offered one. My love for being around these girls comes from the joy of being around my own children. I receive a lot of love from them as well. Like any mother would wish for her child, I wish to see my girls from nirnayam grow into wonderful human beings. I'm so glad to be a part of an organisation that thrives to provide these children a bright future.
Hi I’m Packiam . I have worked as a Social science teacher. Now as a volunteer of Nirnayam I will put my full effort to give the students the learning of happiness, confidence & leading them to explore their potentials.
Travel Agent, Merchandiser, Business Development Head, and Baker. Little did I know that when I read an article on Nirnayam in my local newspaper that it would lead to possibly the most rewarding of all the careers. Children are like sponges, they absorb everything, and they love to learn. In these formative years, I am so grateful to be a part of their education. They say “if you love your work, it is not a vocation at all!”
Hi I'm Sachin, a human being just like you. From the day we were born we started learning, some of us are masters of what we are today by what we have learned through the guidance we received. Every decision we take in life is based on the amount of information we gained through experience over the years. We were in better circumstances to be what we are today, there are many in front of us who haven't received 1/10 of the exposure as we did. It was not their fault for being born under less circumstances than ours but it will be our fault to leave them as it is. So to make a change and to hold hands with one another and to share what I learned and to learn what I'm yet to, I'm with them and I choose Nirnayam to help others make the decision that we made.
Nirnayam is a fun experience for me because I love spending time with kids. I am engaged in teaching art and craft to the young and enthusiastic girls of nirnayam. The girls made me feel welcome on my very first day and we have always have a good time doing these projects. Volunteering at Nirnayam gives me an opportunity to play a role in the life of these children in a small but impactful way. I am glad I am able to help them do something different, bring out their creative side and add some sparkle in their everyday life.
Nirnayam is a bunch of people striving to enhance the lives of young human saplings by trying to provide them better understanding abilities and exposure. Our team carries out constructive ideas and implementation while being pretty organized. My role doesn’t stop with this , I lend my hand to the administrative side of nirnayam too. We're together hoping to bring about a warm and positive change in the society via Nirnayam.